Company profile

BOFFETTO was established by professionals and entrepreneurs who gathered in the company more than 10-year experience in both design and industrial processes in order to produce outstanding furniture and interior accessories for residential and contract environments. We match the most advanced technology with the excellent Italian craftsmanship. From form to furniture connecting the past with the future.

The objects are free to move toward new combinations and forms, discovering original settings. Sobriety and the classical elegance of natural resources and materials such as wood, stone and metal are matched with innovative materials manufactured with a right mix of both design and technology, enhancing the objects which are designed and manufactured by BOFFETTO, unique in their application.

Both Italian creativity and business organization provide BOFFETTO products with an extensive use in the furniture on the national and international market, including a wide range of products for both residential and contract environments through a network of experienced sales representatives and shops.

We match the Italian craftsmanship with technology in order to promote innovative solutions for spaces and places reflecting people who live there.

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We look for forms and combinations in order to promote an ever-evolving experience of the space. Your space is your place.

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We provide our Customers with a new product experience of fie Italian craftsmen. We are committed to environmental responsibility through both transparency and sustainability of the manufacturing process.

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