PLS punto, linea, superficie by Cinzia Anguissola & Studio Scacchetti

Sconnessi by Simone Micheli

Metropolitan by Marco & Giorgia Giacuzzo

My Wave by Lorena D'Ilio & Andrea Mamo

Gli Oggetti della Foresta by Daniele Menichini

Plectrum by Stefania Tieri

Join - Incastro perfetto by Emanuele Svetti

Letterario by Simone Micheli

Magnifica by Maurizio Favetta

HEART by Alessandro Antoniazzi & Ivan Sesini


Passion for design, form and art are our fundamental principles, linked by desire for reinterpreting them in a very innovative way and through endless number of combination of the form when shaped design and enriched with art.

A lasting research of matching materials where technology and craftsmanship are blended with design and art resulting in a unique “BOFFETTO living experience”.

Your house becomes a place where you can sublimate your dreams.

BOFFETTO: Art and Furniture Forms

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