Was born in Santiago de Cuba in 1988. He currently lives and works in Milan. He graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts "José Joaquín Tejada" where he specialized in painting and drawing.

In 2008 he moved to Havana where he received important awards for his production. He added value on his works of art with the screen printing technique.

In 2012 he travelled to Milan with the series CLIMBING THE FUTURE using the image of a swept-forward man representing the contemporary human being condition aiming at challenging future and defending his/her own desires. Both painting and murals, the artist uses this image to identify himself and projecting on all directions. With this attitude, he interacts with the environment, collaborates with international artists, organizes activities and develops multidisciplinary projects. Ascanio always involves occasional pedestrians who are interested in his street artworks and inviting them to participate in and sharing a unique experience of participated art.