Born to furnish the set of Christian Marazziti film “Sconnessi", the new collection with the same name, designed by the architect Simone Micheli for Boffetto, is now fully part of the Italian brand and its name, Sconnessi, is a reminder of its origins.

The 6 furniture offered by the collection (one nightstand, two bookcases, a dining table and two coffee tables) are now available as Sconnessi Collection in the Boffetto catalogue. Simone Micheli designed the collection but was also in charge of the scenography for Ranieri family mountain house.

The attention brought to the art world, already experimented with the production of unique pieces in collaboration with important international artists, makes of Boffetto an ideal associate to experiment with a high-level creativity. Furthermore, that appearance in the film industry shows, one more time, the vitality and courage characterizing all Boffetto choices.

The roots of all Boffetto collections are always a dialogue between shapes, a puzzle of characteristic elements which come back, differently developed, in every piece.

The use of Solid Surface as “predominant material” of every project allows freedom of creation and limitless opportunity of composition. With furniture designed by Simone Micheli, there’s at first an obvious reference to the shape of a cube. For instance, we can see it with the varnished metal nightstand with rounded angles and the bookcase drawers formed of varnished metal cubes with rounded angles and lacquered shelves.

With a clever alternation of full-side, empty ones and sides with circle holes, the cube makes think of the curves and materials which are in the lacquered bookcase with a natural oak back and the unusual dining table made of varnished metal with a white solid surface top and a central leg which reminds the contrast with the natural oak.

The two coffee tables could be considered more as decorative elements.

They are characterized by a full structure in white Solid Surface with a satin stainless-steel and other parts in white solid surface with a more high-tech and futuristic aspect. Even if the film characters live a disturbing experience caused by their electronic devices addiction, the furniture collection is, on the contrary, directly connected to trends and contemporary market demands.