Il Letterario / Graffiti Bookcase

Design, painting, artisanal skills and new technology matching knowledge in order to create a unique product: IL LETTERARIO / GRAFFITI. This bookcase manufactured by BOFFETTO Form to Furniture in 99 limited edition pieces. The bookcase designed by the Italian architect Simone Micheli, integrates the design object with the painting reproduction of the artist Mario Bernardinello, solving harmoniously the binomial and conferring a touch of eclecticism on this happy union. IL LETTERARIO / GRAFFITI bookcase is the result of a melting pot entering and matching both furniture market and artistic ideas. The bookcase is made up of an extra mirror stainless steel panel with shelves and structure made up of white solid surface. It integrates the solid surface reproduction of artwork and it is also backlighted. This results is a new artwork inserted in another artwork which is authenticated and certified by the artist.

With the artwork named GRAFFITI or mural writing, in 2005 the artist Mario Bernardinello anticipated the Street Art. Letters, mural writings, drawings are essential elements of street artists. Here the letters of Simone Micheli architect and the mural writing of Mario Bernardinello artist match and create a new art up-to-date object both formal and functional. The street art as a visual expression able to connect past with present and flirting with the future.

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